Company profile

Blankers Transport BV is specialised in the transport of goods to all Europe, especially voluminous goods. For this purpose, the majority of the lorries are equipped with double loading floors, with which at least twice the loading capacity can be achieved for specific goods. The modern fleet of lorries is completely equipped with the newest communication systems, among which a GPS satellite system.



About/around 1850 Arie Blankers, the great-grand father of the present owner of Blankers Transport BV, started to transport agrarian products and goods in/on a small scale. During this first period these transport took place especially around Ophemert and the nearby Tiel.

His son, Matthijs Blankers, converted it into a motorized transport. He established a service of messengers between Tiel and Ophemert, Zennewijnen, Varik and Heesselt and he created a deposit on the location where the company is established since its begin. During that period, the main customers were the fruit companies and the laundries who wanted their goods transported on time from and to the customers. Blankers Transport launched also in that period taxi transport.

Mr. Anton Blankers, the father of the present owner, extended further the activities of the company and was partly specialised in removals. Thanks to this activity, the company got its reputation in its own region.

Nevertheless, since the eighties, Blankers Transport BV transferred its field of activity more and more towards the international transport of goods. In contrast to many other colleagues, the company was not specialised in one or more specific destinations. According to the influence of the demand from the present clients, it was chosen for the specialisation of voluminous goods.

Fleet of lorries

Blankers has about 40 modern articulated lorries which majority is produced with a double- or 3- loading floors.

All the articulated lorries are equipped with a route tracking system, with which if desired their exact location is known, even the exact street. As you can expect nowadays, our drivers can be always reached via the mobile phone. All our vehicles are equipped with a so-called BV3 alarm, as an extra security that your shipment will not fall in the wrong hands.